Cure Toronto


Complete Brand Development


March 1, 2018

Insert Marketing developed Cure Toronto from top to bottom, not just a rebrand, but an identity change from the original bar at 401 King West. Creating something offbeat from your average King West venue, an apothecary themed nightlife location with a unique brand story was born.

“Music can cure things medication never will. Alcohol can cure things your friends can’t. The party will cure things that being alone won't. A creative person is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others. Seeking medical advice, a second opinion, an elixir for your weekend habits? A tradition from 2600 BC, an ancient Babylonian dispensary of materia medica is at your doorstep. Specialist practitioners of the world congregate inside a domain for this antidote. No prescription cures what happiness cannot.”

When creating the monogram for Cure we paid tribute to neon European health facilities. This diagram tied together interior decorating and theming inside the venue that told an old-timey brand story.


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